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Nestled in the foothills of the hill country at 1,600 feet elevation, on the banks of a lovely tree lined lake, The City of Kandy is the center of traditional Sri Lankan culture. Perhaps more than anywhere else in the island, this comfortably cool home to nearly 100,000 people represents the living past.

A journey through spectacular scenery to this famous city of Sinhalese history, culture, religion and pageantry reaches the heart and soul of the country………..

The sacred tooth of the Lord Buddha, symbolic sovereignty over the island, is preserved here in its own temple “Dalada Maligawa”. Traditions of Sinhalese Music & Dance, Arts & Crafts flourishes in this hill city.

The Kandyan kingdom, to many Sri Lankans known as “Maha Nuwara - The Great City”, the last independent state in Sri Lanka, withstood the onslaught of three invading European nations for over two decades, from the year 1590 until the British once and for all subdued the Kandyans in 1815.

While in Kandy one can visit the Archaeological Museum and the more interesting National Museum, housed in what used to be the Queens Palace. Apart from the Temple Of The Tooth, the most famous religious shrines are the Hindu temples [Devala] - “Pattini”, “Natha”, “Maha Vishnu” and “Kataragama”, and the Roman Catholic Church of St. Paul’s , built of brick in 1846.
The other interesting place to visit while you are in Kandy is the century old Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya. The 60-hectare [147-acre] garden is the largest in Sri Lanka. Here you find a Spice Garden, a Herb Garden, an Orchid House, a Cactus House and a glass house of Anthuriums, Begonias, African Violets and other species.

Enjoy the great variety of flowers, plants and mature trees, and make sure that you don’t miss the giant Javan fig tree which covers an impressive 1,600 sq meters.

The gardens were the setting for the South East Asia Command Headquarters during World War II, when Lord Mountbatten was in charge of operations.
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