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Sigiriya, a massive monolith of red stone rises 600 feet from the scrub jungle to accentuate the lucid blue of the sky. Sigiriya was no gloomy and forbidding fortification, as any other citadels are. At the brief height of its glory, a flowering of only 18 years in the late 5th century, it is one of the loveliest royal cities that ever graced the earth. And today, it is perhaps the single most remarkable memory for visitors to Sri Lanka.

The rock was transformed into an immense recumbent lion by the addition of a brick-built head and foreparts of which only the artfully sculptured paws remain. The impact of the Lion Rock, as it is called, must have been awesome, since it prompts one to marvel at the creative vision that was behind this eighth wonder…………………………

This city was constructed and was ruled under the direction of the brave, murderous genius called Kasyapa [477 – 495 AD] who conceived and perfected this masterpiece under a shadow of paranoiac fear for his younger brother Moggallana, who fled to India after his father was killed in the hands of Kassyapa by walling alive within his tomb.

Within a grotto on Sigiriyas sheer west face, beautiful bare breasted maidens still smile from incredible fresco paintings. Surrounding the foot of the rock, extending for several hundred meters, are Asia’s oldest surviving landscape gardens, incorporating lovely ponds around Sigiriyas plinth of fallen boulders.

Incised in tiny pearl like script into the so called Mirror Wall, beneath the frescoes pocket, are prose and poems more than 1,000 years old. The graffiti speaks of 500 Damsels, there are but 18 today protected from the sun, wind and rain erosion in this sheltered grotto.
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