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Trincomalee, with it’s famous natural harbour, one of the largest and the best sheltered in the world, has at various times been the envy of the Danes, Dutch, Portuguese, British, French and Japanese. During World War II, it became a naval base to protect the fleet of the combined Allied Powers. “Trinco” as popularly known, is famous for it’s beautiful beaches and the sea warm as tea and clear as gin, the skies as pink as paradise, and jungles where Elephants roam, is a haven for nature lovers.
“Fort Frederick”, originally built by the Portuguese, is now used as barracks and is also home to a herd of wild spotted deer. Inside the portals of the fort is a large residence known as Wellington House. In 1799 Arthur Wellesley, who later became the Duke of Wellington, stayed in this residence which was named after him, to reflect the new position of its famous resident.

At the end of the road to Fort Frederick, is Swami Rock, also known locally as “Lover’s Leap”, on account of a Dutch officials daughter, Francina Van Reede, who threw herself off the rock after watching her unfaithful husband desert her by sea. Also at the same place situated the famous “Tirukonesvaram Kovil” of Trincomalee.
Visit the “Hot Springs” at Kanniyai, known for it’s therapeutic qualities. The coolest spring is 29 C [84 F] and the hottest not more than 46 C [115 F]. The Tamils believe they were created by God Vishnu and named after the mother of Ravanna, the demon king.
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