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The coast of Weligama is known for its acrobatic fishermen, who perche on long, precarious poles planted vertically just off the shore. These [stilt] positions are passed down from father to son, and are of great value, but they are only to use when the sea [and the fish] are drifting in the right way. These so called “Stilt Fishermen” are most likely to be seen at dawn or dusk.

In this charming small town one can see the “Count De Maunay’s” Island, which floats mysteriously on the gentle waters of the bay, looking as though it could up it’s anchor and skim off over the horizon if it felt so inclined. Known also as “Taprobane Island” and locally as “Yakinnige – Duuwa or “She - Devil’s Island”, this tiny enchanted paradise was created by a French count in the 1930’s as his vision of Eden.
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